Real Kashmir FC (R) are the 1st JKFA Futsal Championship winners

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Real Kashmir FC (R) are the the winner of the very first edition of the JKFA Futsal Championship. The new venture explored by the Jammu & Kashmir Football Association saw 16 teams participate from all over. An exciting final signed off the well organised tournament that will only grow in the years to come.

Branched out of the I-League team, Real Kashmir FC (R) faced Downtown Hero’s FC in the finals. Held at the Gindun Stadium Rajbagh, the game kept the fans at their feet at all times. Filthy nutmegs, ghost dribbles, smooth tiki-takas, ankle-breaking fakes, this game had it all. You name it, you see it.

The enthralling fixture ended 3-1 in the favour of Champions Real Kashmir FC (R). Unthinkable ball controls and skills giving the same vibes as Pele and Diego Maradona capped off the tournament that will produce more gems in the future. The competitiveness and the energy added by the crowd gave the tournament a buzzing atmosphere.

Real Kashmir FC (R) were on another level

The 16 team tournament had the structure quite similar to the Durand Cup. The teams were divided into groups of four and they faced each other before heading into the knock-out. The teams with the maximum points progressed onto the next round where they faced the best teams of the other groups.

But from the beginning of the tournament, it was very obvious who the winner would be. Real Kashmir FC (R) were from another planet as they breezed past the group stages and the knockouts to reach the finals. Despite the difference in class between the teams, Downtown Hero’s FC managed to squeeze in a goal. They also restricted their supernatural opponents to a bland 3 goals.

Futsal has increased in popularity over the years. Though very different from Football in terms of style of play, it is considered to be a very important part of grassroots football.

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