Real Madrid rule out signing a backup striker for Benzema in January

Real Madrid and Barcelona

Real Madrid have reportedly ruled out signing a backup Striker for Karim Benzema in the January transfer window. The sudden retirement of Karim Benzema from international football came as a shock to everyone.
Last February, Real Madrid star Toni Kroos also announced his sudden retirement from international football. He said he wanted to focus more on Real Madrid’s games. However, the situation with Benzema is somewhat different. Internal sources have confirmed that the chaotic situation in the dressing room of the French national team forced him to take a sudden retirement. Spanish outlet Relevo reported that,
After the retirement, Benzema’s full dedication is only towards Real Madrid. And it’s a relief for Ancelotti, as the board refused to sign a number nine.

Los Blancos are not Interested in signing a backup striker for Benzema in January

A few days ago, Spanish outlet Relevo reported that Carlo Ancelotti has demanded the club to sign a striker. Since the beginning of the 2022/23 season, Benzema has been struggling with constant injury problems. These injuries prevented him from shining in matches. Only Mariano Diaz is available as a backup striker but not at all a reliable option. That’s why Ancelotti has asked for a signing. But the club has refused to sign a striker in the January transfer window.

Last season, Karim Benzema was the only player who could match Kylian Mbappe, Messi, Cristiano, and Lewandowski at the club level.
PSG stars Mbappe and Messi played against each other in the final of the Qatar World Cup and remain the centre of attraction. However, the player who single-handedly took the wind out of the sails of the two PSG stars dropped out from the squad and involuntarily sat at home watching the final.

France Manager Didier Deschamps made some harsh decisions and Benzema undoubtedly feels cheated. The Journalist Romain Molina revealed that the player’s injury was not at all serious as the doctor of the French National team said. The journalist also said that the doctor later revealed to Benzema that, he said all this under the influence of Deschamps.

Notwithstanding, Benzema has fully recovered from his injuries and is ready to face Real Valladolid on December 30. His first phase of the season was not impressive due to his injuries. But now, the Frenchman expects a good and injury-free season until June.

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