Roberto Firmnio joining Real Madrid might be a reality

According to Fabrizio Romano, there is a possibility that Roberto Firmino is okay with the idea of joining Real Madrid. Romano mentioned on the Here We Go Podcast that Real Madrid is actively searching for a new striker. Thus, considering the potential departure of Karim Benzema to Saudi Arabia. The exact details of any negotiations or discussions between Firmino and Real Madrid are not present. So it remains speculative at this point.

Real Madrid is indeed negotiating with Joselu, the former Newcastle striker, for a potential move to the Bernabeu. Additionally, Romano mentioned that Roberto Firmino is on Real Madrid’s shortlist of strikers. It suggests that Real Madrid is considering multiple options to reinforce their attacking line. With Firmino being one of the players they are monitoring.

Romano recently shared about what he knows regarding the possible deal.

“Real Madrid are negotiating with Joselu as a backup striker, they have Roberto Firmino in their list and they have had conversations with people close to Roberto Firmino. They are informed on the conditions of the deal and I am told that Firmino would be tempted to join Real Madrid.”

Will Roberto Firmino move to Real Madrid?

If Roberto Firmino were to make a move to Real Madrid after his time at Liverpool, it could be a fantastic opportunity for him. Firmino had success in recent years, with one league title and one Champions League triumph. Despite that he may feel that he deserves more major honors in his career. Joining a club like Real Madrid, with their rich history and consistent pursuit of trophies, could provide Firmino with a greater chance of achieving additional top-level success.

Indeed, Firmino’s style of play could suit La Liga very well. His technical ability, intelligent movement, and link-up play make him a versatile and effective forward. La Liga is famous for its emphasis on possession-based football. Firmino’s skill set, including his ability to create space for teammates and contribute to the build-up play, could be well-suited to the league’s tactical approach. His work rate and defensive contribution could also be valuable in the Spanish top flight. Thus, a move to La Liga, especially to a club like Real Madrid, could provide Firmino with an ideal platform. There he can showcase his skills and thrive in a different footballing environment.

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