Simon Jordan questions Chelsea’s decision to sign player who ‘can’t run with the ball’

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Speaking on talkSPORT, Simon Jordan questioned Chelsea FC‘s recruiting of Mudryk and their business as a whole.

The 22-year-old has shown some promise this season. He has goals against Arsenal and Fulham and really shone in his side’s last outing against Everton. While the Blues went on to lose 2-0, Mudryk still managed to record five dribbles at Goodison Park. This was more than any other player on the day.

Jordan thinks Chelsea bought a wrong player in Mudryk

Jordan thinks Chelsea now have a wide man in Mudryk who looks like he cannot even run with the ball.

Speaking about the club and the Ukrainian, he said: “If they’re [the owners] not complaining about the price point, we then need to look at the players and say, ‘Have they bought the wrong players?’ Put aside the price point, did they buy the wrong players because Mudryk was a player that everyone was after.

“It wasn’t just Chelsea that were after Mudryk, it was a group of players, and the reason why Chelsea got him is because they were prepared to pay more money than everyone else, and that’s why they got him. And all of a sudden, this boy can’t run with the ball.”

Jordan’s words seem a bit harsh

Mudryk can be a bit chaotic at times and look in a hurry, but to say what Jordan said, seems wrong. As highlighted earlier, his dribbling against Everton the other day was excellent.

I think everyone will agree on the fact that Mudryk is not a finished product, and surely doesn’t justify his price tag. However, he is showing signs of improvement. The Ukraine international is a decent dribbler if not a good dribbler, and is improving. I feel that its not at all fair to say that he ‘can’t run with the ball’.

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