Sneijder openly criticized Enzo Fernandez after Chelsea loss to Madrid

Graham Potter

During the Dutch broadcast of Chelsea’s 2-0 defeat to Real Madrid, Wesley Sneijder criticized Enzo Fernandez. He takes a dig at him for his lackadaisical attitude on the pitch. Sneijder pointed out that after losing the ball, the Argentine midfielder was seen casually walking around. Rather than actively trying to win possession.

Sneijder exclusively said: “If you have been brought in as a player for €100million then you can at least expect that he will run his lungs out, right?”

“But he walked! He loses the ball himself, then he has a moment of mourning. You see Enzo Fernandez, a €100m purchase, trudge a bit while Gallagher runs past him.”

“You look at a boy like that and I wonder: what does he take ownership of? He doesn’t. I don’t think he’s a great footballer either. You [the show’s presenter] said he did it for Lionel Messi [at the World Cup]. I thought he would do it at Chelsea too, but he doesn’t.”

“If things don’t go smoothly in football, and you’re not scoring goals, then you have to make sure you don’t concede. You have to run your lungs out, and he won’t do that.”

Wesley Sneijder’s criticism of Enzo Fernandez was harsh. As it not only targeted his work rate but also questioned his abilities. However, Chelsea fans haven’t been too critical of Enzo Fernandez yet. Possibly because he performed well amidst the chaos around him.

If Enzo Fernandez continues to have more bad results and displays petulant behavior like this, opinions on him might change drastically. While he has been playing well despite the chaos around him, a few more incidents like this and Chelsea fans may start to become more critical of him.

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