Spanish Boss hints at comeback after CWC win

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After Manchester City won the Club World Cup on Friday, Spanish Boss Pep Guardiola issued a strong warning and could have also made a suggestion. About leaving the blue side of Manchester.

Spanish Boss Warns

Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has issued a strong warning to Arsenal and Liverpool. Over the Premier League championship contest this season. It happens at a time when the reigning champions, who built on their success the year before, have had difficulty starting their campaign thus far.

When the team won the FA Cup, the Premier League, and the Champions League in May, Guardiola led them to an unprecedented triple. It was a difficult ask to go past it and inspire another effort. For this season, but the Spaniard couldn’t have predicted how it would have turned out.

They have dropped a lot of points in seven of their 17 games played thus far. And currently rank fourth in the standings, behind Aston Villa, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Their campaign has taken a little hiatus as the Club World Cup arrived this week. Coinciding with their Champions League triumph.


Following their victory over Fluminense, they were crowned the World Champions. Leading Guardiola to declare that he had achieved everything with the team. “I would like to say we had the feeling we would close the chapter, we won all the titles, there’s nothing else to win, I had a feeling the job was done, it was over,” he stated.

“Enzo [Maresca], Mikel [Arteta], my entire staff, and every player from the beginning—Vincent to Kyle as captains—as well as the players Joao [Cancelo], Cole Palmer, Riyad [Mahrez], and Ilkay [Gundogan] mentioned, helped us accomplish something amazing to be here and participate in this tournament. Arriving here is the hardest part, but once we’re here, it works great. Now that Christmas has here, get a new book and resume writing. It’s ended the previous eight years.”

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