The Armband Ronaldo threw is now put on Auction to raise money


Cristiano Ronaldo threw his captain armband in a fit of rage after a 2-2 draw against Serbia. This armband was put on auction to help a six-month-old baby suffering from a rare disease.

Ronaldo threw his armband after the game in disgust as his legitimate late goal wasn’t disallowed by the Dutch referee team against Serbia. The 36-year-old Portuguese forward was fuming and protesting the decision and for that, he picked up a yellow card.

The score was level at 2-2 in Belgrade, just when Ronaldo thought he scored the winning goal in the stoppage time. The replay clearly showed the ball went over the line and the goal should have stood. But without VAR and goal-line technology, the referee and linesman didn’t award the goal.

Ronaldo’ armband put up for Auction

After Ronaldo threw his captain’s armband on the ground. One of the stewards at the stadium picked it up. And he immediately contacted a regional sports channel with the idea of auctioning it for charity.

The man didn’t want to disclose his identity and said that he suggested raising funds to treat a six-month-old baby, Gavrilo Djurdjevic, who is suffering from a rare disease. The sports channel Sportklub teamed up with a charity organization and put the armband of Ronaldo up for bidding.

“I hope we will be able to reach Ronaldo himself… so we could help Gavrilo as much as we can.” – Branislav Jocic, social media manager of Sportklub.

The young child is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), which affects about one in 10,000 births. SMA results in death or the need for permanent ventilation by the age of two in 90 percent of cases.

Gavrilo’s hope locked up on a one-time gene treatment Zolgensma, also called the “world’s most expensive drug”. This drug would cost more than two million euros. In just after one hour of the auction, early Tuesday afternoon, the armband reached the price of 360,000 dinars around 3,000 euros.

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