The case of 2 Manchester City namesakes who are similar and underrated

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Bernardo Silva’s recent effort against Everton bore a striking resemblance to David Silva’s first goal for Manchester City. Having the composure to caress the ball into the corner, Bernardo drew further comparisons with his Man City namesake.

The comparisons go further than just the surname. Left-footed and diminutive but capable of running a game on their own. However the biggest shame is how both Silvas are underrated. When talking of the best Premier League midfielders, most people talk about Gerrard, Lampard, Giggs, Scholes, Viera and Keane but a very few talk about the two Silvas. Although at City, nobody underestimates the importance of the pair of Silvas.

Manchester City teammates and fans have acknowledged both Bernardo and David Silva

“I think he is very underrated,” former teammate Ilkay Gundogan said about Bernardo two years ago. “He puts so much effort into everything he does on the pitch to make it easier for us, not just for himself. “There might be a danger that sometimes he is not appreciated enough, but we know in the club how important he is for us, how appreciated he is in the team and we are very happy that he’s here and having such an incredible season.”

David Silva scooped more than half of the vote when Manchester City fans were polled about their club’s best-ever player back in 2018. That lead may have shrunk given the emergence of players like Kevin De Bruyne and the treble win; but still it highlights how appreciated he was and is by supporters.

Both are similar in terms of stats as well

The two of them are neck of neck in stats. Bernardo’s 61 goals in 329 games is marginally better than David’s 77 in 436. However he trails in terms of assists, 63 compared to 140.

But their trophy cabinets are not comparable. Bernardo boasts one more league title and that elusive Champions League trophy. But context is the key. David Silva arrived at the club when Manchester City were in the transformation phase. Meanwhile Bernardo joined when Pep had already transformed City and was on course to dominate English football.

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