The defender must accept a reduced wage to leave Juventus

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The Bianconeri will be pleased if Daniele Rugani defender departs from Juventus since he is perhaps one of their worst defenders in terms of performance.

They had had him on their books for a while, and in 2019 they gave him a long-term contract to stave off interest in signing him.

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After suffering while on loan at Rennes and Cagliari, the defender, who has a contract through 2024, has continued to deteriorate.

He must now remain with the Bianconeri till the end of his contract because few clubs are ready to purchase him.

According to a source on Calciomercato, the major reason it is so difficult to move him on because he makes a lot of money, and only a select few teams can afford to pay him that much while also not thinking he is good enough.

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When major teams seek to sell a failure, one issue is that they typically make a lot of money, which average clubs can’t afford.

At Cagliari and Rennes, Rugani has shown that he has degraded into a mediocre or below-average defender who is ineligible for the Juve team.

But until the summer of 2024, we’ll have to put up with seeing him every day, which is disappointing for everyone.

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What did the defender say?

If he accepts, we might offer to pay a portion of his salary.

Daniele Rugani is undoubtedly one of Juventus’ worst defenders in terms of performance, thus the Bianconeri will be relieved if he goes.

They had had him on their books for a while, and in 2019, to fend off interest in signing him, they gave him a long-term contract.

The defender, whose contract expires in 2024, has declined since performing poorly while on loan at Rennes and Cagliari.

Due to the lack of clubs ready to purchase him, the Bianconeri must now hold him until the end of his contract.

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