The President of La Liga claims due to the culture of football

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La Liga is frantically trying to boost its standing and compete with the Premier League for foreign viewers, but many Spanish supporters believe they have lost importance said The President

Due to the staggered scheduling of matches, weekday matchups and late games are becoming commonplace among Spanish fans. These considerations have even more weight in a big nation like Spain, where going on a long journey to a game away from home might be challenging at times.

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Additionally, the cost of the tickets has drawn criticism. The Barcelona International University in Catalonia claims that Spain has the most costly tickets in all of Europe. Tickets cost 4% of the average pay in Spain, compared to 2.5% in the majority of other European countries for tickets.

La Liga President Javier Tebas told Marca that he believed that the notion of high ticket pricing was a fallacy.

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“These days, there are other ways to watch football except at stadiums. You have access via social networks, television, and a range of other media. What is occurring now is substantially different from what it was 10–12 years ago. Additionally, I believe it to be fiction regarding the cost of the tickets.”

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What did the president say?

Season tickets are quite affordable and widely available in Spain. Despite the fact that more people are visiting the stadiums, if you look at the income of the teams, you will notice that the money from season tickets has declined. While it is true that Germany has packed stadiums, there are differences in how fans watch the games there. The clubs are able to make more revenue because supporters spend more money in the stadium setting than they do at the actual ticket office since they arrive two hours before the game and remain an additional hour after it is over. Because of this, they may cut their rates.

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