Two Possible Successors to Joan Laporta have been Revealed

Julian Araujo

At the club’s general meeting on Saturday, Barcelona President Joan Laporta hinted that he would be delighted to seek reelection for a second term in 2025 however it’s his third total tenure, but because it’s still two years away and there’s still an ongoing criminal case against him, a lot may happen during that time.

Joan Laporta Replacements

Bar Canaletes has identified two possible successors to Laporta. Should he decide not to run for president in the future accordingly given that Barcelona has mostly divided along political lines.

Present-day director Joan Soler is among them. Formerly in charge of Jordi Farre’s 2016 presidential campaign’s athletic affairs. Soler has seen a “meteoric rise,” according to Sport, and is currently among Joan Laporta’s most reliable associates.

Attending club events in Saudi Arabia and the Champions League draw therefore He has gained the admiration of his colleagues for his modesty and football-related expertise. At present, he serves as a representative and operates inside the academy system. He could replace Joan Laporta.

Another Option

When the moment is appropriate, Joan Laporta may also consider appointing Eduard Romeu, the Economic Vice President. He has addressed the media several times. People now regard him as a reliable person to manage crucial matters.

Victor Font is probably going to give them some competition if they decide to run. Font was Laporta’s main opponent in the previous elections and was the driving force behind “Si al Futur” (or “Yes to the Future”). As things stand, a rematch between the two is probably in the works for 2025.

If either does run, they are likely to face competition from Victor Font. Behind the ‘Si al Futur’ – ‘Yes to the future’ – campaign, Font was Laporta’s closest rival during the last elections. As things stand, the two are likely to do battle again in 2025.

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