Will Barcelona offloading a “fundamental” midfielder this summer

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Barcelona Football Club has reportedly announced that they have no intentions of selling one of their ‘fundamental’ midfielders in the summer of 2023. This statement comes as great news for Barca fans who were worried that their team may lose one of its key players to another club.

The midfielder in question is none other than Frenkie de Jong, who joined Barcelona from Ajax in 2019. Since then, de Jong has established himself as one of the most important players in the Barca squad. He has played a crucial role in the midfield, helping the team to maintain possession and control the tempo of the game.

De Jong’s performances on the field have not gone unnoticed, and several top European clubs have expressed interest in signing him. However, Barcelona has made it clear that they have no plans to let him go.

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Will Barcelona sell their Midfielder

In a recent interview, Barcelona’s President, Joan Laporta, said, “Frenkie de Jong is a fundamental player for Barcelona. He is a player with great potential and is an important part of our team. We have no intentions of selling him in the summer or anytime soon.”

Laporta’s statement is a clear indication of the club’s commitment to retaining de Jong’s services. The midfielder has been a consistent performer for the Blaugrana. His presence in the squad is vital if Barcelona is to compete for major titles.

De Jong’s versatility is another factor that makes him indispensable to the Barcelona team. He can play in various midfield positions, including the defensive midfield, central midfield, and attacking midfield. His ability to switch between these positions seamlessly gives the team flexibility and makes it difficult for opposing teams to predict Barca’s tactics.

Moreover, de Jong’s work rate and tenacity on the field are unmatch. He is known for his tireless running, tackle, and intercepting skills, which makes him an asset both in defense and attack. His passing ability is also exceptional. With an accuracy rate of over 90%, making him a crucial part of Barca’s possession-based style of play.

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