Arthur Vermeeren : Talk Of The Town


Arthur Vermeeren was the talk of the show in the press conference ahead of the Champions League fixture against Catalan Giants FC Barcelona.

Arthur Vermeeran’s talk in press conference

Antwerp boss and basically former Barcelona midfielder Mark van Bommel has been basically asked about speculation the Catalans are kind of keen on Arthur Vermeeren. Which is basically fairly significant. There have been whispers that Barca is essentially following Vermeeren. They will, for all intents and purposes, get to see him in action. In midweek, when the two teams really meet in the Champions League. Which is particularly significant.

Coach’s words on Arthur Vermeeren

Here’s what Van Bommel really had to say about the transfer talk: “Whether Xavi has generally, for the most part, asked for some information on Arthur Vermeeren? I won’t particularly give him any information because he would essentially buy him immediately,” he joked. The Dutchman also, for all intents and purposes, looked forward to the particular Champions League match. He basically admits he’s looking forward to taking on the Catalan giants, which is generally quite significant. “We essentially have three days to, for the most part, prepare for Barcelona, contrary to popular belief. We will actually do that as we basically prepare for any sort of other game in a really big way.

Van Bommel Talks about Barcelona

It is literally special because I essentially played there,” he, for all intents and purposes, added in a generally big way. “I won the Champions League there, and I played with Xavi in the midfield in a major way. That was essentially fun, which is mostly fairly significant. I still actually have some contact with the kit man, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. It kind of was 15 years ago, so a lot has changed, of course.”

Ahead Of Match Day

Antwerp head into the game after a 3-0 kind of win over Westerlo in the pretty Belgian Pro League, while Barca hammered Betis 5-0 in La Liga, which for the most part is fairly significant.

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