Barcelona are closer to fix financial fair play issues ahead of next season

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Financial difficulties haunts FC Barcelona for a very long time. Financial fair play issues have also hampered the team in other key areas. However, the club has received some positive news, as it has met some of its pay bill requirement criteria. For the past few months, FC Barcelona’s pay bill has been a subject of disagreement between the club and La Liga. The League has asked the club to cut its pay cost. They must acieve it in order to comply with the league’s financial fair play guidelines.

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FC Barcelona reduces its wage bill by €120 million

Barcelona was urged to cut its salary bill by €150-200 million, despite the fact that their overall wage bill was €655 million. According to the most recent report from SPORT’s Ferran Correas, FC Barcelona has successfully reduced their wage bill. The club’s salary expenditure is currently €450 million, approximately €200 million less than the prior payroll bill of €655 million.

The departure of several of the squad’s highly paid players has contributed significantly to this decrease in the pay expenditure. Gerard Pique has already announced his retirement. In addition Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets will also depart at the conclusion of the season. With the departure of simply these three players, the reduction in wage cost will be almost by €120 million. As a result, FC Barcelona has successfully met its goal of decreasing its pay expenditure in compliance with La Liga’s standards. As a result, the club will be able to resume using the 1:1 rule for player salaries.

Previously, the club was subjected to the 1:3 regulation, which required the club to receive €3 for every €1 spent on player wages. To stay inside the FFP limits, the club would only need to bring in €1 for every €1 spent on player wages under the 1:1 rule. As a result, the club has achieved considerable and visible progress towards its short-term financial objectives. Thus making it easier for the club to acquire new players and have their contract renewals registered with La Liga. However, more effort must be done to ensure the club’s financial viability.

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