Barcelona requests La Liga to reschedule their match timing

Julian Araujo

Barcelona will request that La Liga move the timing of their April 23 encounter against Atletico Madrid.On the penultimate Sunday of the month, the two of the top teams in La Liga will square off against each other.

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What is the Festival of Sant Jordi ?

It is one of Catalonia’s most unique events, taking place in the spring on April 23. It is a well-known festival that mixes culture and romance, commemorating both World Book Day and Valentine’s Day. Couples exchange gifts on this day, with the men receiving a book and the women receiving a rose. However, as time has passed, both men and women can now get books and roses.
Barcelona’s streets are lined with book and flower shops. People crowd the streets, looking for a gift for their loved one, as well as for their relatives and friends.

The Barcelona – Atletico Madrid Clash may be rescheduled due to Sant Jordi celebrations

La Liga had set the game’s start time for Camp Nou as 16:15 CEST, but MD has stated that they will ask La Liga to move the game back to the late time of 21:00 CEST.

On the same day, it clashes with the city’s Sant Jordi celebrations. Barcelona’s patron saint is St. George, and one of the largest holidays in Catalan culture is the Diada de Sant Jordi. Because the city’s main thoroughfares will be closed for the occasion, there will be traffic problems during the game. The club regularly takes part in the festivities.

The festival essentially entails giving books or roses to loved ones, and on the designated day, booksellers put up stalls in the main streets.
In the past, La Liga games have been scheduled on Sant Jordi, although they have typically been in the evening to prevent conflicts like these. Given the strained relationship between Barcelona and La Liga President Javier Tebas, it appears as though this is another matter that could lead to tension between the two parties.

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