Blues said to have agreement reached for Belgian Forward


It seems that a lot of rumours are making the rounds in Italy these days about Belgian Forward Romelu Lukaku, the striker for Chelsea.

On Loan at Roma

The Belgian is now working under José Mourinho and is out on loan. At AS Roma till the end of the season. However, a report on Tuesday indicated that he may soon be moving to Saudi Arabia.

Journalist Ilario Di Giovambattista, via, claims that this is untrue and that the Chelsea player intends to remain in his current location for the foreseeable future. He made this claim when appearing on Radio Radio.

He claimed: “Roma and Chelsea have reached an agreement to retain Lukaku. The Belgian can stay for another two years. Roma will be able to comply with the FFP. Thanks to the sale of Abraham to Chelsea or another Premier League club.

Belgian Forward Contract

“Lukaku’s contract, already signed with Chelsea and then transferred to Roma. Starts at €7.5m/year net but increases, thanks to bonuses and sponsorships, reaching €11m in total. Only Lukaku can blow up this deal, but there should not be any surprises.

The other journalists on the programme concurred with that logic. With Gianni Visnadi saying that it is “all credible” that Lukaku would remain at Roma for a further two years and that it will be up to Lukaku if this really occurs.

He makes the obvious argument that Chelsea “want to get rid of him,”. Citing the Serie A team’s approval of the agreement as “confirmation” that Mourinho will remain.

Although Lukaku “changes his mind easily,” Stefano Agresti said that he is doing “very well” in Rome since it is “comfortable” for him.

He is probably having “more fun” where he is than he would be in Saudi Arabia, and Chelsea is “happy to have him off their hands.”

Furio Focolari, who acknowledged the player was “fantastic” and Roma would do well to do everything it takes to keep him around, wasn’t too convinced by the assumption that it had already been done.

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