Chelsea’s Top Tackler of the Season: 25-Year-Old Outshines Teammates, Surpassing Conor Gallagher


In Marc Cucurella‘s first season at Chelsea, the 25-year-old faced tough challenges. His start was hard with high expectations due to a £60 million price tag mentioned by Sky Sports. The left-back struggled to find his rhythm and justify the big investment. But recently, things have turned around for Cucurella at Chelsea. Despite early difficulties, he’s getting better, adapting well to Mauricio Pochettino‘s tactics.

Cucurella, known for playing aggressively, is doing well in Pochettino’s team at Chelsea. He’s been more regular and consistent this season. His performances show he’s gotten better, with more confidence and adjusting to English football. We still need to see if he can fully justify the big transfer fee, but his recent good form is promising. His contribution to Chelsea’s defense has been really good.

Tackling Maestro: Marc Cucurella’s Remarkable Form at Chelsea

Mozo Football’s data through X unveils Marc Cucurella as Chelsea’s standout performer in the Premier League. He boasts an impressive average of 3.1 successful tackles per game this season. Establishing as Chelsea’s best, Marc Cucurella ranks fifth-highest among all Premier League players, showcasing his exceptional tackling prowess. Cucurella’s proactive, contact-heavy style aligns seamlessly with robust tackling, outshining even energetic Conor Gallagher in this defensive aspect. Gallagher leads in overall tackles with 39, per the Premier League’s official website. However, Cucurella’s remarkable defensive contributions highlight significant improvement this season.

However, the 25-year-old full-back’s aggressive playing style has its consequences, as evidenced by his accumulation of five yellow cards. This disciplinary record led to his absence in a recent league victory over Brighton due to suspension. Looking ahead, there’s optimism for Cucurella’s return to the starting XI, with expectations that his dynamic defensive capabilities will continue to play a pivotal role in Chelsea’s Premier League campaign.

People are looking forward to Marc Cucurella coming back to play for Chelsea against Manchester United. In October, Fabrizio Romano, a journalist, shared that Mauricio Pochettino, Chelsea’s coach, is happy with how Cucurella has been playing this season. Pochettino emphasized the importance of Cucurella maintaining good performance and discipline, particularly in challenging defensive situations. As Cucurella continues to do a great job, finding the right balance between his aggressive style of playing and being disciplined is important for him to keep helping Chelsea’s defense. Many are excited to see him play in the next match and show his strong defensive skills.

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