Compelling Reasons Why Dropping the 24-Year-Old Wolves Star for West Ham Would Be a Mistake

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves faced a challenging match against Nottingham Forest over the weekend, securing only a point in a lackluster 1-1 draw. Head coach Gary O’Neil expressed disappointment in his team’s performance, citing a ‘technical breakdown’. However, despite the less-than-stellar showing, Wolves displayed character by coming from behind. O’Neil’s decision not to field Tommy Doyle raised eyebrows, especially considering the admitted technical issues plaguing the team. The three-centre-back formation, featuring Toti Gomes in his usual left position, saw the usually reliable player struggle against Forest. Toti’s lackluster performance included a critical loss of possession leading to Forest’s opening goal. This reflected an uncharacteristic sloppiness on the ball.

In this match, Toti Gomes faced challenges, deviating from his typically reliable form. Positioned on the left of the back three, he spent more time playing inside. This was due to Hugo Bueno’s limited forward movements. Despite being heavily involved with 129 touches, the highest in the game, Toti’s passing game suffered. With 103 attempted passes, he completed 82 at an 80% rate, below his usual standards. The match marked Toti’s worst performance of the season. Moments of sloppiness contributed to Wolves’ overall lackluster display against Nottingham Forest.

The Continuing Role of Toti Gomes: Why He Should Maintain His Starting Spot Against West Ham

Toti’s recent struggle on the field was indeed an uncommon occurrence, considering his consistent and solid performances since Gary O’Neil introduced him into the starting lineup against Manchester City. The 24-year-old Portuguese player, known for his reliability, appeared a bit disjointed in the match against Forest. He deviated from his usual form. However, given Toti’s track record, it’s reasonable to attribute this performance to an off day.

With 40 appearances for the Wolves first team, Toti has established himself as a dependable asset, with only a handful of subpar showings. Considering his credit in the bank and the occasional nature of his off day, it would be fair for O’Neil to view this as a one-off occurrence. As Wolves prepare to face West Ham United on Sunday, Toti deserves the chance to redeem himself. O’Neil, who has previously praised Toti as ‘an exciting player,’ should maintain faith in him for at least one more game. If Toti fails to meet the required standards against the Hammers, O’Neil can then explore other options, perhaps considering giving Santiago Bueno an opportunity.

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