De Jong & Haaland are looking to buy Solskjaer’s house

Bundesliga superstar

Frenkie De Jong wants to buy Ole Gunnar Solskjaer‘s house in Manchester. Is this giving away his possible move to Manchester United?

According to reports from The Mirror, the Dutchman has a £3.5 million estate in mind, which belongs to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. He even got in touch with the triple-winner, but it appears that another footballer is also interested in renting out the opulent home.

Erling Haaland got himself a transfer from Dortmund to Manchester City a few months ago. The Norwegian striker is looking for a residence in England and clashes with De Jong’s desired house.

De Jong’s present situation

Frenkie De Jong saw good days when he was in Barcelona after moving from Amsterdam. But ever since Erik Ten Hag took over Manchester United, things haven’t been the same.

His Champions League stint from the 2019-19 season shows how well Ten Hag was able to manage the midfielder. In addition, Manchester United fans expect the Dutchman to join their team & there has been an approach from the Red Devils as well.

Barcelona’s take on De Jong

Barcelona’s club president Joan Laporta claims De Jong isn’t going anywhere but it doesn’t seem so. The club is suffering from a €1.5 billion debt & badly needs to recover.

Barcelona’s main priority is to sell out players and make up for that money. In the same vein, De Jong is a promising player who can be sold out at a sufficient fee. United has also spoken about a possible transfer with the Dutchman on a call.

Haaland intervenes

Unlike Frenkie De Jong, the former Dortmund player has officially signed for City. Now, playing for Manchester City means getting a house in Manchester. The 21-year-old laid eyes on the same house De Jong wanted to reside in. Now, City is United’s biggest rival and would definitely try & get that house for Haaland.

About the house

The estate stands in Nether Alderley, Cheshire with the most expensive facilities a world-class footballer can have. It’s got heat pumps drawing water from the ground, heavily insulated toilets, and is eco-friendly with only greenery all over the place.

It is in so much demand that there were multiple footballers who wanted to live there. Reports claim current Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk resided there before Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Above all, it is certainly a house worth fighting for.

Will Frenkie De Jong move into the house in Manchester?

In conclusion, De Jong has been told that if he wishes to stay in Barcelona, he must accept a significant wage reduction. The Old Trafford team is vying for his signing, and Laporta’s remarks plus the upcoming infusion of wealth into the organization could compel the Premier League heavyweights to offer more.

Ten Hag and Manchester supporters across the globe will be watching with eager anticipation and see if the Dutchman, like those before him, will be forced to make concessions at the outset of his tenure or if the chase of the midfielder wizard ends up good.

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