East Bengal: Looking for options at the back.


East Bengal, is one of the prominent football clubs in India. Yet still currently facing defensive challenges that have impacted their performance. In their quest to strengthen the backline Evidently, East Bengal Looking for options at the back. This article examines the defensive issues faced by East Bengal, explores potential solutions, and discusses. The strategies they may employ to enhance their defensive performance.

East Bengal Looking for Options In Defensive Challenges

East Bengal’s defensive line has been a cause for concern, with vulnerabilities exposed in several matches. The lack of cohesive communication, positional awareness, and vulnerability to set pieces have resulted in conceding crucial goals. The club’s defensive instability has led to a series of disappointing results. Also, demanding immediate attention to rectify the situation.

Potential Option And Strategies

  1. Recruitment Drive: East Bengal may consider targeting experienced defenders with a strong track record in the Indian football scene. One potential player who could provide stability and leadership is Sandesh Jhingan. Also, known for his commanding presence at the back and impressive defensive skills. His experience playing at both the club and international levels could greatly benefit East Bengal’s defense.
  2. Tactical Adjustments: In order to strengthen their defensive organization, East Bengal could explore signing players who excel in specific positions and systems. One potential target could be Sarthak Golui, a versatile defender who has demonstrated his ability to adapt to different tactical setups. His versatility and tactical awareness could provide East Bengal with more options and flexibility in their defensive strategies.
  3. Intensive Training Regimen: As part of their defensive improvement plan, East Bengal could focus on developing young talents within their ranks. Promoting and nurturing players like Ankit Mukherjee, a promising young defender from their academy, through intensive training programs can help bolster the team’s defensive capabilities in the long term.
  4. Player Development: East Bengal may also consider exploring the market for talented defenders who are still in the early stages of their careers. One potential target could be Sumit Rathi, a young and promising center-back known for his physicality and strong defensive instincts. Investing in the development of players like Rathi can not only strengthen the defense but also contribute to the club’s long-term vision.
  5. Analyzing Opponents: Strengthening the defense also involves studying and analyzing opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. To counter the attacking threats of opposing teams, East Bengal may consider targeting defenders who possess strong aerial prowess and a commanding presence in the box. One potential option could be Tiri, a defender who excels in aerial duels and has a strong defensive presence.


By considering potential signings such as Sandesh Jhingan, and Sarthak Golui, promoting young talents. Like Ankit Mukherjee, exploring the market for promising defenders like Sumit Rathi. Also, analyzing opponents to identify specific defensive needs. Also, East Bengal can enhance their defensive capabilities and improve their overall performance on the field.

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