Fabrizio Romano gives his take on rumors linking £55m player to Liverpool

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Speaking on Kick, Fabrizio Romano spoke about Goncalo Inacio after hearing suggestions that Liverpool are close to signing the center-back. Romano says that while he is a player Liverpool have looked at, these rumors are wide of the mark. He claimed that we hear this rumour every single summer and it’s usually the same reporter who is making this link.

The case is similar to Nabil Fekir, who was linked with Liverpool in every transfer window in the past, but the move never materialized. Now, the 22-year-old seems to have taken up that role as the perennial Liverpool target.

The defender not close to the Reds

Romano shared what he knows about the defender. “Goncalo Inacio to Liverpool? We’ve had this story for three or four years. We hear that Liverpool are close to signing Inacio, but it’s usually the same person linking Inacio to the Reds. At the moment I’m not aware of a change. He’s a player they have scouted for a long time, but it’s not something concrete,” Romano said.

This is what can be so frustrating about the transfer window at times. Some players are just so easy to link with certain moves, and Inacio to Anfield just fits the bill.

Inacio to Liverpool makes sense

Inacio is a young defender who suits Liverpool’s style. However, most pertinently, he has a release clause. As we’ve seen, the Reds love to trigger a release clause to skip any complicated negotiations, so it’s easy to put two and two together to make five by linking Inacio.

As Romano says, Inacio is a player Liverpool have scouted for a long time. A potential move could be on the cards further down the line, but, as things stand, it doesn’t look as though the 22-year-old is anywhere near a move to Anfield.

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