Five Greatest Moments of Wayne Rooney Career

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The 35-year -old English striker Wayne Rooney announced on Friday that he is retiring from professional football. Wayne Rooney had an exceptional football career for 19 years where he transformed from a wonder-kid to a legend. He has got the managerial post at Derby County, where he has been playing as a player-manager for a year and a half.

Well! it is definitely an emotional day, especially if you are a fan of this player. The football world was flooded with all kinds of emotions. The players that played alongside him and against him were wishing him great luck, whereas the fans got a little bit emotional. He was an idol for many growing up.

But, bygones are bygones. His decision is final and nothing in this world can change that. Although, we can definitely re-live some of his famous moments from his impressive career that we would like to stay attached with.



Does anyone remember Wayne Rooney’s debut? The one where Everton faced the future Invincible Arsenal? The teams that had the likes of Thierry Henry, Sol Campbell and Patrick Viera? No? Huh. Well, let me remind you.

A 16-year-old kid made his first-team debut for Everton in 2002. He was subbed in at the 80th minute, pretty less time for someone to make an impact. The Gunners were definitely the centrum of attention as they were on a 30-match unbeaten streak. Despite the record they were maintaining, that day this kid stole the limelight. And boy how he did that!

Rooney scored a brilliant goal that kissed the crossbar into the net, eventually ending Arsenal’s unbeaten run. A 16-year-old broke Gunner’s run. Is anything else required to be remembered for a debut?


Wayne Rooney became the most expensive teenager in 2004 when Manchester United signed him for £27 million. The manager was subject to a lot of criticism for spending so much on a kid. Little did anyone know what Sir Alex Ferguson knew.

The 18-year-old teenager scored on his debut. Hold on, that’s not the only part. He scored a hat-trick on his debut against Fenerbahce in the Champions League. Now, who in the world makes a debut like that? And that was enough to shut the pundits and become a United Legend.


Whatever you do, never make Rooney angry. That would be the last thing you would want to do. Newcastle United, unfortunately, were the victim in this case. Also, they were the club Wazza scored the most in his Premier League journey, with 22 goals against them.

An incident had occurred where he was appealing for a foul. The official was denying him. The play was going on as he was arguing with the official. Right at that moment, the ball had landed a few steps ahead of him and he made a run and scored an unbelievable volley.


The striker was set for greatness when he made his move to Manchester United. He was United’s top scorer and Premier League’s top-scorer on various occasions. And his 13-year service for the club was rewarded with the greatest gift of all time.

The club was not like how it used to be, but Wayne Rooney was still at his best. He broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s long-time record of 249 goals when he scored a stoppage-time free-kick against Stoke City. He went on to score a total of 253 goals for the club before winding up his Old Trafford career.


Honestly speaking, we were all aware that this would definitely grab the top spot. This must have been the first thing you all searched while reading. If you are a true Wazza fan, this goal won’t need an explanation. In fact, there are not enough words to describe it. Astonishing, awe-inspiring, breath-taking, magnificent, stunning, impressive. Unfortunately, this is how much I can explain.

The fact that this goal belongs to the hall of fame is that it was scored against Manchester City. Wayne Rooney was also in one of his best phase of all time. In 2011, United hosted the neighbours in one of the best derbies of all time. The match was level pegging until the 78th minute. Nani’s deflected cross was hit brilliantly by none other than Rooney. City’s Joe Hart could only watch as the ball went into the top corner.

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