Haaland denies “fake news” of his expensive party

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Borussia Dortmund superstar Erling Haaland is currently away on his holiday on the Greek island of Mykonos. This however has not stopped him from scoring some ‘shots’.

The Norwegian was reported to have spent lavishly during his party at his holiday. Greek sports outlet Sportime claimed that Haaland spends big money on his holiday at Mykonos. The reports claimed that he spends around £430,000 on ‘five-hour meal and four champagne bottles’ and also included a hefty tip.

On the other hand, Haaland denied the reports and tweeted that it was fake news. The Norwegian tweeted that the reporters forgot the main course, which was fake news and added a clown emoji. Last week Haaland was with Manchester City midfielder Riyadh Mahrez in Mykonos enjoying a party together.


Haaland is one of the most in-demand players in the world right now. Borussia Dortmund have said that they will not be selling him this summer. But that has not reduced the rumours surrounding the player.

The Norwegian is linked with multiple clubs like Chelsea, Bayern Munich. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City and Manchester United to name a few. Dortmund will be selling the youngster this summer if the clubs are willing to pay a hefty sum on his transfer.

Meanwhile, transfer rumours started to spread when Haaland was spotted with Mahrez on the Greek Island. Fans and reporters started speculating about a possible move by Haaland to Manchester City. Reports have also surfaced that the Norwegian has agreed to a deal with Real Madrid.


Footballers are often questioned for their lavish lifestyles. Many journalists have taken it to the news to report about players spending exorbitant sums. This becomes more targeted on younger players. Haaland was quick to deny any such reports of him spending huge sums of cash. The Norwegian currently earns around £140,000 a week at Dortmund.

Should the players be spending big is entirely their decision. Many players are facing online hate comments, threats and abuse for their lifestyle, performance on the field and political decisions. One thing people forget at the end is that they are all just people at the end and have real emotions.

Haaland will return back to Dortmund after his vacations as he will prepare for the next season. Whether the Norwegian had spent so big is not a concern. However, clubs that want to sign him will definitely have to do so.

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