Italian Transfer Master Clears Air on LEO


In his exclusive Daily Briefing column, Italian Transfer Master Fabrizio Romano discusses the latest transfer reports surrounding Lionel Messi. A striker for Inter Miami, and his possible impending loan move to a European team.

A hopeful Return

Messi recently joined the MLS. But he already faces a lengthy layoff because the team won’t be competing in a meaningful match for some time following their most recent playoff loss.
The Argentina international is undoubtedly still talented enough to compete at the highest level in Europe. But Romano maintains that the player is just thinking about Miami at this time and that this is not now on the cards.

Romano acknowledges that it would be wonderful to see Messi return to Barcelona for a second stint. But he has downplayed the rumors for the time being. Saying it is common for us to hear rumors and hearsay surrounding a player with such a huge reputation.

Long Vacation

Inter Miami won’t be playing competitive football for a few months, so fans have been asking about Lionel Messi and potential loan moves to Europe. David Beckham and Thierry Henry, two US-based players who made similar moves in the past, were also asked about the reports, according to Romano.

But I can honestly tell you that right now, I don’t know anything about Messi leaving on loan. Messi has nothing more to talk about at the moment since he is concentrating on Inter Miami.

Italian Transfer Master Wishes too

There’s no truth to the current speculations regarding Barcelona or any other team; however, it’s customary to have conjectures about a prominent name and of course things might change.

Naturally, I must admit that I would want to see Messi return to Barcelona at some point; it would be wonderful and a “romantic” move, but it’s also right to give him the freedom to pursue his own goals.

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