Journalist says 26-year-old Manchester United star has an attitude problem


You don’t need anyone to tell you that something is deeply wrong at Manchester United, there is definitely some problem. The Red Devils have been like this, in this state, for a decade now. There is this uneasiness at Old Trafford that no one seems to have a solution for. Managers after managers have succumbed to this rot that seems to exist within the dressing room.

Speaking on The Transfer Exchange Show, Steve Kay has shared some insight into the problems Erik ten Hag is facing. He said that there are huge mentality problems at Manchester United.

According to Kay, someone told him last year that Marcus Rashford had an attitude problem, despite the fact that the player was playing so well and scoring so many goals.

The biggest problem for Manchester United is mentality

Kay shared what he’s been told about Marcus Rashford.

“Mentality is the biggest problem. I’ve said for many years now that they need to get people like Fernandes out, get them out, Maguire out, Rashford out. I was told last year with all of the goals and everything he was scoring that his attitude stinks. One season he’s great and the next he doesn’t want to play anymore,” Kay said.

This is not the first time

Rashford is definitely a class player when he’s at his best. However, when things aren’t going his way, it appears he has a tendency to throw tantrums.

Towards the end of Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s tenures, Rashford’s performances dipped. He seemed to be sulking on the pitch, and the same thing seems to be happening under Ten Hag.

While it doesn’t feel right to point fingers at a player with so much talent, it has to be said that Rashford is becoming a bit of a common denominator when things go downhill under any manager. The 26-year-old surely needs to buck his ideas up if Manchester United are to get back on track this season.

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