Mohammedan SC names their captains for the season as Samad Ali Mallick and Zoedingliana Ralte



Mohammedan Sporting Club, a famous football team, has announced their captains for the season. Let’s meet Samad Ali Mallick and Zoedingliana Ralte, the two talented players who will lead the team on the field. Get ready to learn more about these young leaders and why they have been chosen as captains for Mohammedan SC.

Meet Samad Ali Mallick:

Samad Ali Mallick is a young and skilled football player from India. He has been playing football since he was a little boy and has always dreamed of leading a team. Samad is a defender, which means he is responsible for protecting the goal and stopping the opponents from scoring.

Meet Zoedingliana Ralte:

Zoedingliana Ralte, also known as Zoey, is another young and talented player from India. He is a midfielder, which means he controls the game from the center of the field. Zoey has incredible passing skills and can create scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Leading with Responsibility for Mohammedan SC

Being a captain is a big responsibility. Samad and Zoey will lead by example, both on and off the field. They will motivate their teammates, encourage them during tough times, and make important decisions for the team. It’s like being the captain of a ship, guiding everyone towards success.

As captains, Samad and Zoey know that football is a team sport. They will emphasize the importance of teamwork to their teammates. Just like how friends play together at the park, football teams need to work together to win matches and have fun.

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Samad and Zoey’s leadership will inspire other players in the team. They will show them that with hard work, dedication, and a love for the game, anyone can become a captain. Young footballers will look up to them as role models and dream of leading their teams one day.

Being named a captain is a proud moment for both Samad and Zoey. It shows that their coaches and teammates trust and believe in their abilities. They are ready to take on this important role and make their families and fans proud. As captains, Samad and Zoey will uphold the spirit of sportsmanship. They will show respect to their opponents, referees, and fans, win or lose. Football is not just about winning; it’s about playing with joy, fairness, and respect for everyone involved.


Samad Ali Mallick and Zoedingliana Ralte are the new captains of Mohammedan SC, and they are ready to lead their team to success. Their skills, passion, and leadership qualities make them perfect choices for this important role. As they step onto the field as captains, young football enthusiasts everywhere will be cheering for them, inspired by their dedication and love for the beautiful game. Let’s support Samad, Zoey, and the entire Mohammedan SC team as they create magic on the football field!

Samad and Zoey, along with the rest of the team, have goals for the season. They want to win matches, score goals, and make their fans happy. They will work hard in training sessions and matches to achieve these goals and make Mohammedan SC proud.

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