Napoli twitter blunder, Serie A giants interested in Real Madrid star

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Napoli might be in a run for Isco this transfer window. In a bizarre move before the Euro 20 finals between England and Italy, Napoli tweeted that. The tweet was taken down immediately but not quick enough for the watchful eyes to miss. The night went in favour of Italy and the officials are most likely to have forgotten it during all the celebrations. Had it gone the other way, it would have been the most trending topic after ‘Pineapple on Pizza’.

Isco had a very shadowed season. He did not make much of an impact on the pitch, and his relationship with his manager only got worse. He made 25 appearances in which he created 2 goals. A move to Napoli can be a new start for the Spaniard who ran the show at Real Madrid.

The Italian transfer market has been very busy this season. Most of the noise is from AC Milan, Inter Milan and Roma. Napoli however have been silent without making any bids. The most they have done is reject offers from clubs after their players.

Isco should push for any move

Isco comes under the breed of gifted players at Madrid who do not shine. James Rodriguez, Mateo Kovacic, Achraf Hakimi, Martin Odegaard are just a few other people who have struggled to find minutes. Most of these players on this list have unleashed their skills when they go on loan or play for their country. For some inexplicable reason, none of the managers at Madrid want to use them. A move to Italy is the best option for Isco at this point.

Napoli not alone for Isco

If Napoli want to sign Isco, they will have to face off competition from AC Milan who are desperate for a No.10. They have gone high and low short-listing a ‘long list’ of possible successors to Hakan Calhanoglu. However, Milan have a number of other signings planned and will not bid anything above €20 million. One signing can be the difference for Napoli. Will they do it?

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