Ratcliffe slams ‘crap’ as Man Utd training ground turns ‘toxic’

Manchester United

Sir Jim Ratcliffe has criticised the ‘crap’ he saw on a tour of the club’s facilities.The Manchester United dressing room has turned toxic after the Ineos chief’s comments.

Ratcliffe’s purchase of a 27.7 per cent stake in United initially boosted the morale of many at the club. But many of the staff have now lost their confidence in him according to various sources.

Ratcliffe ‘unhappy’ with facilities at the club

The Ineos owner recently sent out a memo to all the United staff in which he explained his disappointment after a tour of the club’s training ground.

Ratcliffe said:

I am afraid I was struck in many places by a high degree of untidiness.

In particular the IT department which frankly was a disgrace and the dressing rooms of the U18 and U21 were not much better.

This memo has not gone down too well among the employees at the club. Ratcliffe said the standards don’t come close to what he sees at his company.

The IT department believe they have been made scapegoats for a much larger club problem. The criticism has created a toxic feeling inside Carrington.

Those involved in setting up and maintenance of the club museum weren’t hugely happy by Ratcliffe describing it as ‘crap’.

The staff were recently told they won’t be receiving free tickets, travel and lunch for the FA Cup final. Also Ratcliffe also putting to an end the work-from-home culture. This decision has been taken despite there not being enough space for everyone in the offices.

During a staff meeting last week Ratcliffe said:

If you don’t like it, please seek alternative employment.

This whole approach has not gone down well with the employees. Many of the approximate 1,000 employees are concerned about their jobs.

Former Crystal Palace chairman Simon Jordan applauded Ratcliffe’s decision to order the club employees back into offices.

Jordan said:

Every grown-up knows that you get more effectiveness, more development of culture, more work ethic, more diversity of thinking, more diversity of experience if people are in a workplace.

Ratcliffe has brought changes in the footballing side of the club already. With Ratcliffe already thinking about Ten Hag and his future.

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