Bengaluru FC II, the reserve team of Bengaluru FC, is a prominent football club in Indian football. Founded in 2015, the club has quickly established itself as a breeding ground for young talent. It is also a stepping stone for players to progress to the senior team.


The JSW Group founded the Bengaluru FC II in 2015. Meanwhile, the primary objective was to provide a platform for the development and progression of young players. The team competes in the I-League 2nd Division. It is the second-tier league of Indian football. Bengaluru FC II has played a crucial role in nurturing promising talents. Meanwhile, they have eventually graduated to the senior team. This has contributed to the success of Bengaluru FC at the highest level.


While Bengaluru FC II has not secured major silverware since its inception. They have consistently performed well in the I-League 2nd Division. The team has exhibited a strong competitive spirit and has often been in contention for promotion to the top tier. Although titles have eluded them thus far, Bengaluru FC II’s focus remains on player development and providing a solid foundation for the future.


As a reserve team, Bengaluru FC II’s revenue is primarily generated through sponsorships and support from the parent club, Bengaluru FC. The team’s main objective lies in nurturing and honing young talents, rather than focusing on commercial endeavors. The club’s success in player development has helped attract sponsors and garner interest from football enthusiasts, further contributing to its revenue streams.


Bengaluru FC II’s rivalries primarily stem from the local football scene in Bengaluru. Matches against other reserve teams or local clubs often carry a competitive edge. Additionally, Bengaluru FC II shares a healthy rivalry with other reserve teams in the I-League 2nd Division, as these encounters serve as platforms for young players to prove their mettle and make a case for elevation to the senior team.


Bengaluru FC II has emerged as a formidable force in Indian football, providing a nurturing environment for young players to grow and develop their skills. Despite not securing major trophies, the club’s focus on talent development and its close association with Bengaluru FC has elevated its status in Indian football. As Bengaluru FC II continues to produce promising talents, the club remains an essential component of the football ecosystem in Bengaluru and contributes significantly to the future of Indian football.

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