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The Barcelona has always been a team that is known for nurturing young talent and promoting them to the first team. In recent times, they have produced some of the most exciting prospects in world football. Such as Ansu Fati, Pedri, and Ilaix Moriba. The latest name to join this list is Gavi, a 17-year-old midfielder who has been impressing everyone with his performances. In a recent interview, Gavi spoke about two first-team players who surprised him the most, leaving him exclaiming, “Oh my God.”

The first player on Gavi’s list was Sergio Busquets, a midfield maestro who has been an integral part of Barcelona’s success for over a decade. Busquets is known for his incredible vision, passing range, and ability to read the game. However, what surprised Gavi the most was Busquets’ leadership skills.

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Gavi said, “When I arrived at Barcelona, I expected Busquets to be a great player, but I didn’t realize he was such a great leader. He always helps us young players, giving us advice, and guiding us on and off the pitch. He is a real role model for us.”

Busquets’ influence on the team is not just limited to his leadership qualities. He is also a key player on the pitch, dictating the tempo of the game and controlling the midfield. Even at the age of 32, he continues to play an important role in Barcelona’s success.

What did the Barcelona player said

The second player who impressed Gavi the most was none other than Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of all time. Messi has been at Barcelona for his entire career, winning numerous titles and breaking countless records along the way. However, what stood out to Gavi was Messi’s work rate and dedication to the team.

Gavi said, “Messi is an incredible player, but what surprised me the most is how hard he works. He never stops running, pressing, and fighting for the team. He is an example for all of us, showing us that talent alone is not enough, and hard work is essential.”

Messi’s commitment to the team is reflected in his performances on the pitch. He is not only a goal scorer but also a playmaker, creating numerous chances for his teammates. His ability to change games single-handedly is what makes him such a valuable player for Barcelona.

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