What played the most significance role in the Manchester City EPL Trophy Win?

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Manchester City clinched the 2021/22 English Premier League title after a fierce battle with Liverpool. The team finished with 93 points, just one point above Liverpool, after a dramatic comeback against Aston Villa in their final fixture. They are becoming one of the favorite teams on betting sites UK because of their consistency over the years. After winning their eighth league title, they can also boast of the feat of winning it four times in the last five years.

It makes people wonder what City is doing to fetch them such outstanding performance. So what played the most significance in their EPL trophy win? Let’s have a look.

Breaking the Bank

If there is one thing about Manchester City, they are not afraid to break the bank. Unlike several other Premier League teams, they are not afraid to spend much to acquire the best players. For example, they signed the Former Aston Villa left-winger Jack Grealish for a sum of €117.50m. And although he hasn’t had the best of seasons, he has come in clutch when they need him.

Many teams are too conscious of their budget that it affects their signings. Maybe it is because of the wealthier owners of City, but one thing is sure- their spending made a difference.

Squad Depth

The squad depth of Manchester City is overwhelming, and we don’t think any other club comes close in the league. Kevin De Bruyne has always been a key city player, but he was out for a significant portion of the season due to injuries. But did it make so much difference? No, and why? Because of City’s squad depth.

For every position, the Cityzens have at least two players. And the best part? The backup players are also as skillful and talented as the first team players. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the starting XI because all the players are so good.

From rumors and news, Man City is still keen on  maintaining their squad depth by any means necessary. Their Argentine striker, Julian Alvarez, would be returning on loan from River Plate to take the number 9 role. They are also close to signing another world-class striker, Ering Haaland. This kind of squad depth is unmatchable in the league.

No One-Man Dependence

One thing that is common to several football clubs is one-man dependence. There is always one player who most clubs depend on to either bag the goals or create chances. And if this player is absent, it becomes a big problem for them. This is something that Manchester City doesn’t do.

The Cityzens never depended on one man to win games for them on their way to the EPL title. Instead, it seemed more like a joint effort for the team, and no one got to take all the credit. These little observations made a difference, and they came out victorious.

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