Chelsea is ready to build a new stadium as per given timeline

Graham Potter

Chelsea is actively pursuing plans to acquire a £65 million piece of land adjacent to Stamford Bridge. Since, they explore redevelopment options for their stadium.

The acquisition of the 1.2-acre neighboring site is currently under the veterans’ charity Stoll. Hence, it would significantly diminish the likelihood of Chelsea needing to relocate to a new venue.

Chelsea reached a preliminary agreement with Stoll. And the findings of a nine-week consultation with residents will be there to present to Stoll on Wednesday.

How are Chelsea preparing for the new stadium at the moment?

The board of trustees at Stoll are aiming to make a decision in October. Hence, if approved, this decision could set in motion Todd Boehly’s plans to revamp Stamford Bridge and expand its seating capacity from the current 42,000 to a minimum of 55,000.

The charity emphasizes that under the existing proposals, 20 flats would be preserved. Hence, the substantial proceeds from the deal for reinvestment in new properties is to ensure the “best possible outcome for residents.”

The project on behalf of Chelsea is being under co-owner Jonathan Goldstein. He is a London-based property developer and the CEO of Cain International, a real estate company.

Architect Janet Marie Smith has a task with designing what Chelsea envisions as one of the premier stadiums in the United Kingdom.

The club has not yet finalized any future stadium plans. There are proposals to either demolish and reconstruct Stamford Bridge in its existing location or move to a new site. These will be presented to supporters before receiving approval from the Boehly-Clearlake ownership group.

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