Jarrod Bowen – West Ham United’s very own Salah?

Jarrod Bowen

West Ham forward Jarrod Bowen has been in fiery form this season, notching up a respectable 8 goals in 26 games. Indeed, for good reason, a number of big names are eyeing the Englishman.

This season’s target for the Hammers is to secure a place in the top 4. At the moment, they sit in 5th, 4 points behind Manchester United. Given how Bowen has been with his performances, one might say that their goal is a completely achievable one.

Against Leicester, Craig Dawson’s late strike did raise quite a few eyebrows. However, there is no denying it came from a Bowen corner. The winger found the net early on and bookended the match with significant contributions. In the match against Watford, his winning strike had taken a deflection. But once again it was Bowen who came in clutch for side, as he has been doing lately. 

Reliable Jarrod

The Englishman scored last in the FA Cup against non-league opposition, Kidderminster, in injury-time of extra time. In that case, it looked like a quality player taking up the responsibility for his team.

Jarrod Bowen has the looks of a top-grade footballer. In today’s game, the main focus is now a battle of tactics. But there has always been an old-fashioned spark about a player who steps up and makes things happen. There is something relentless with one who does it consistently. “Jarrod is the one standing up at the moment,” said gaffer David Moyes, full of praise.

Beginning early December, Bowen registered 6 goals and 4 assists in 11 league matches. Thus, he is involved in a goal per game. He boasts a fusion of ability, form, and irrepressibility. So far, Bowen has recorded 16 goal involvements, trailing only Liverpool’s Mohammed Salah.

The winger is of the kind who improves season after season. A little digging shows an old but effective formula. Earlier, Bowen could not play a full 90 minutes. He had to be taken off. However, working on his fitness in his uncle’s potato fields by Hereford boosted his stamina. This allows him to make those late bursts in injury time.

Jarrod Bowen from Hereford to Hammer

Bowen’s growth can be credited to the aging Brits who brought him from a non-league team to the Premier League. Steve Bruce bought him from Hereford to Hull for £50,000. David Moyes spotted and picked him up from the Championship while others were busy looking for more alluring options.

However, maybe his ascent from fine to excellent in the Premier League this term was foreseen. Bowen finished the year on 8 goals and 5 assists, brilliant for a West Ham side who overperformed coming in 6th. It was not surprising when reports claimed that Liverpool were eyeing him.

A few of Bowen’s strikes came late on. 5 of his 8 have come in or around the 80th-minute mark. That is probably due to the fact that he tires out defenders with his runs. Similar to Jota, Bowen has habituated himself to delivering in crucial scenarios and that too up against the best. In the previous season, it was tough to label him as one of the League’s best players. But that is now changing, fast.

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