Jordi Alba is okay with reducing his salary amidst Barcelona financial woes

Julian Araujo

In an interview with Marca, Jordi Alba has expressed his pleasure in lowering his salary in an effort to help Barcelona meet La Liga’s financial regulations. The Barcelona president recently confirmed that the club had cut €100m in wages since Jordi Alba returned to the club. They will sell players and negotiate with high-paid players like Alba to offload an additional €75m this summer.

As a result of the emergence of Alejandro Balde, Jordi Alba is no longer the undisputed starter in his role at Barcelona. But the veteran is still satisfied with his current role.

When Marca asked Jordi Alba whether he would fulfill his contract, which runs until 2024, Alba replied:

“Of course. I feel qualified, I think I’m at a good level.”

“Obviously, I’m not playing every minute, but when I go out I try to do my best. And when I’m not

playing, I try to help all my teammates by supporting them from the bench.”

“It’s a new role for me because I’ve been lucky enough to play a lot of minutes. This year, not so much,

but I am seeing some minutes and I’m happy with my role.”

“It’s important to help my teammates, to be with them, advise them. This is positive, and it motivates

me. Yes I would lower my salary. It’s a club decision and I’ve always helped when asked.”

“Many lies have been told in the press, but in the end I have always been there, no one can say

otherwise. There are things that hurt, but you have to know how to live with it.”

I know my truth and I am very calm. My intention is to help the club and that both parties are happy.”

Jordi Alba talks about his reduced match time for Barcelona

It took Alba some time to adapt to his reduced minutes this season, but he now understands why Barcelona coach Xavi is doing so.

“It was the coach’s decision. I dedicate myself to training, being good with myself, playing the games in

the best possible way and then the coach decides.”

At the beginning, it was more difficult for me, but right now, I am mentally well and highly motivated.”

“I feel good, I feel capable and I have the support of the coach and my teammates. When I go down the

street, people let me know.”

I feel good, and the day I feel I am no longer capable of defending a club like Barcelona, I will be the

first to leave.”

Whether Jordi Alba will stay in Barcelona as of now or he might leave for some other club, only time will tell.

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