Mumbai City FC to start pre-season in Bangkok today


Mumbai City FC is getting ready for the new season! They want to make their players even better and have a strong team. Today, they will begin their training in Bangkok to practice and become a powerful team. They have also been adding new players to their team through smart decisions.

The champions of the Indian Super League (ISL) have been getting ready for their special training in Bangkok. Their coach, Head Coach [Coach’s Name], has planned a special program to make the players even better at the game. They will be challenged in different ways to improve their skills.

“We are very excited about going to Bangkok for our training. The place where we will train is amazing, and we can work on new strategies and try different ways to play,” said [Captain’s Name], the captain of Mumbai City FC. “We want to keep winning and do our best in every match we play.”

Mumbai City FC

During their training camp, some of the best fitness trainers will help the players become stronger and faster. They will also practice scoring goals and making perfect passes to become even better at attacking.

And there’s more! The coaches want to make the defensive line even stronger by teaching the players to work together, communicate well, and get the ball back effectively. This will not only protect their goal but also help them launch quick attacks when their opponents least expect it.

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The management of Mumbai City FC is taking good care of the players. They have provided them with amazing sports facilities, where they can use the latest techniques to recover quickly and analyze their performance. This way, the coaches can keep a close eye on each player’s progress and make sure they stay in great shape all season long.Besides training on the field, the team will also play friendly matches with other clubs from around the world while they are in Bangkok. These matches will be like real games, helping them practice their strategies, formations, and how they work together as a team in actual matches.


The players of Mumbai City FC are good friends and work together as a team. They are excited about the upcoming challenge and want to do their very best to continue the success of their team.Today, Mumbai City FC starts their training in Bangkok, and fans all over the country are very happy and excited to see them play again in the Indian Super League. The team is very determined to keep their title and make their team’s story even more amazing!

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