Roma denied Alex Telles on loan from Manchester United

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Roma will not be getting Alex Telles on loan this summer. Manchester United do not want to send the Brazilian on loan but instead want a permanent deal. Jose Mourinho took over the club 2 months back and wants to make a couple of changes to his squad. He has plans to make a couple of signings and sell a few but are the boards disappointing him again?

Alex Telles arrived at Old Trafford for £15.4 million. Manchester United felt that neither Luke Shaw nor Brandon Williams were capable enough to run the left wing. On paper, Telles was the ideal candidate but that’s when position rivalry begins. Luke Shaw pulled off an extraordinary season leaving Telles to rot on the bench. He had an impressive debut against PSG and was impressed in the occasional appearances he made. But that was all about it.

Leonardo Spinazzola spent most of his career as a Juventus player who travelled all across Italy on loan. In 2019, Roma signed him and things started to look a bit different. His presence on the pitch became more recognisable and he scored 2 goals and grabbed 4 assists. His performances earned him a place in the Italian squad that won the Euros. Lo and behold, what a treat was it to watch him play. He was Italy’s player in the tournament.

Roma keen on Telles

Game after game, Spinazzola donned the wings. I bet Mourinho was speeding his scooter to top speed all across Rome in excitement. Unfortunately, Spinazzola tore his ACL in the quarter-finals against Belgium and that was the end of his European fantasy. He did make it to the team of the tournament ahead of Luke Shaw despite missing the semis and the final. Thus a left-back who would be as threatening as Spinazzola is what Roma is looking for. Telles is the perfect guy but Manchester United do not want to send him on loan and instead want to sell him.

Life before Manchester United

If Manchester United were going to bring a 3rd left-back into the squad, why did they spend £15 million on him? Telles was a beast at Porto. In the previous season, he scored 11 goals and assisted 8 from left-back!!! Just before joining United he played 3 games for Porto in the 20/21 season and bagged 2 goals and 2 assists. It’s not a surprise that Mourinho wants him. He is ‘ Ze Special One’ after all.

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