Spurs manager loses his cool at fan on the sidelines

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Spurs manager Ange Postecoglou lost his cool on a fan during a match. Tottenham were facing Manchester City in the Premier League and they were losing. A fan in the stands behind the Spurs dugout reportedly asked Postecoglou to purposely lose the match. He said so because a win for City would mean Arsenal will face a huge task on the final matchday. City were at 85 points, and Arsenal were at 87 points. A win for City meant they would overtake Spurs rival Arsenal. The fan said so because of the bitter rivalry between Spurs and Arsenal.

Though Spurs themselves needed a win to have a chance at securing Champions League football next year, they were seen celebrating Haaland’s two great goals against their club. They knew this would make it far more difficult for Arsenal to win the title over City. Postecoglou really disliked this behaviour from his team’s supporters. He was seen confronting the fan on the touchline.

The Spurs manager was angry by such a mentality among the fans of the club. Instead of wanting a win and securing Champions League football hopes, they were focused on their rivals losing the title. It frustrated the manager, and understandably so. He was furious at the fans and did not shy away from expressing it. They eventually lost the match against City. Son missed an easy chance to score and Haaland finished two chances to get three points for his team. The win took them above Arsenal and gave them the upper hand to win the league.

Piers Morgan on Spurs fan’s behaviour

Morgan, after the match, spoke about his views on the situation. He defended Ange and said he was ashamed at the Spurs fans. He said on TalkSPORT,

“I feel sorry for Ange Postecoglou,” Morgan said on TalkSPORT. “This guy is Australian. They don’t understand what it’s like to want to lose something. They’re in the middle of a massive game where Tottenham could qualify for the Champions League, which could lead to them getting better players. But no, there was a guy behind him chanting at him to throw the match.

“Eventually, he turned around and had a go at him. How can any Tottenham fan live with themselves after seeing that scene go down last night? I’m annoyed but also ashamed more than usual of Tottenham fans.”

“It’s a tiny club mentality,”

“They were actually dancing in celebration as City scored against them. Wearing City shirts and jumping around because that’s the nearest they’ll ever get to winning anything.

“It was the most humiliating, self-harming act of treachery I’ve ever watched. I’ve woken up this morning knowing what it feels like to be a Spurs fan for a day—it is horrible.

“I’ve woken up with a massive headache; I’ve hardly had any sleep; I drank too much; and I had a sense of self-loathing that only disappeared when I remembered I’m an Arsenal fan.”

What’s next for Spurs?

They have missed out on Champions League football for next season. Despite having a great start to the season their form fizzled out. Postecoglou has been a great manager for the club this season. His debut season has seen flashes of a well gelled unit and he will continue to improve the sporting aspect of the club. Spurs lost Harry Kane, their highest goal scorer to Bayern Munich, many pundits had written them of but thanks to a great season from Maddison and Son, they have managed to be in the top 6.

However, it was not enough to secure Champions League for them. The mentality of the Spurs fans was disappointing to see. They had to back their team but instead celebrated Haaland scoring against them on two occasions. It was sad to see the manager lose it because their own fans do not support the club and players in this difficult time.

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