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Anton Ferdinand has shared who he would pick between Gabriel Martinelli and Luis Diaz in a combined lineup involving Arsenal and Liverpool players.

Anton Ferdinand comments

After Danny Murphy had earlier said that he would start the Liverpool front three before Arsenal‘s onslaught, Ferdinand was speaking on The Take On.
Gabriel Martinelli has not yet reached the previous season’s heights. So far, he’s only managed three goals throughout all competitions, one of which came in the Premier League.
Luis Diaz, on the other hand, has had a terrible few months off the pitch. Furthermore, it’s possible that earlier injuries prevented him from reaching his full potential at Anfield. Nevertheless, he has scored four goals this season in both the Premier League and the Europa League.

It is evident that Murphy believed Diaz would sabotage him before Martinelli did. Although Anton Ferdinand is a huge fan of the Colombian, he acknowledged that Martinelli is just superior in his opinion.

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“Let me tell this: I adore Diaz. I like what he does and what he stands for; he exudes star quality. Superstar calibre, I believe. He told The Take On, “And he’s come in and filled Mane’s shoes and done it really well.”

“But Martinelli man, really, he makes me get up from my chair.”

The frightening aspect about Martinelli is his young age of 22. He has already played in the Premier League for the Gunners for almost a century. And he will only become better, especially on an Arsenal team that is always improving.

Diaz will be a vital component in Liverpool’s attempt to win the Premier League if he can avoid injuries. In 42 league appearances since leaving Porto for £37 million, he has 11 goals.

It’s safe to assume that neither player has yet reached his peak, which makes the upcoming years quite fascinating.

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