I want Aubameyang to stay at Arsenal, but would you blame him if he left?


Aubameyang, will he stay or go? by Shenel

It’s seems that loyalty from players is a no-go area for many clubs, but mainly seems more active at Arsenal at every end of season. As we hit the period of contracts and deals running down, yet again we risk losing one of our top key players within a year, for free, if he does not sign an extension, and despite the amazing job Aubameyang has done at Arsenal, does it seem as though his time is up?

Many Arsenal fans may pray he stays but given the body language he posed during the first two games since the return from the lockdown it doesn’t seem positive. It could be argued that most of the players shared the same anxious, tiresome, body language in those two games, brought on of course by obscure travel arrangements, especially landing only 3 hours before the game in Manchester. So Aubameyang could be forgiven for looking tired and “out of it” as most of his teammates also did. Although this did improve for all of the players against Southampton, and hopefully going forward it will long continue in a positive way all round.

Reaching the age of 31 for most footballers is the beginning of the end, they have only a few years left in their playing career, if that, and begin weighing up their options as to where the best place to end their successful career is.

For Aubameyang the choice is clear, stay at a club whose fans and players have grown to love you, as a player, a captain, a leader and a person. Help to get the club back to where it belongs and back competing for what it deserves. OR, move on, get loads of money, become a possible main target-man upfront or just a mere feature on the bench of the new team, yet have a nice bank account to fall back on.

The choice is his, will he remain loyal to the club who chased him and wanted to bring him in for a long while before they finally did, and will he also remain loyal to Arteta who wants to build the team around him, or will he follow in many other players footsteps and leave for free because he doesn’t agree with the future plans of the club?

No matter what happens it is clear to see that if he leaves it’s the same old Arsenal, but if he stays, then maybe just maybe the tide of loyal players staying is finally going to change at Arsenal.

But who would blame him right now given the inconsistent state of the club and the questionable decisions of the manager and board, if he left. Right Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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