Exclusive Interview: “Team combination is the key for winning the Durand Cup”, says Mohammedan investor Dipak Kumar Singh

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When Mohammedan SC was struggling hard to get an investor, the man who came forward and helped the club to achieve new heights, is none other than Dipak Kumar Singh, Director of Bunkerhill Private Limited. He made a huge impact on the club’s success in this year’s Durand Cup.

We were fortunate enough to have an Exclusive Interview with him. Let us look at what he had conveyed to us in his Exclusive Interview with Football Express.

Q. What is your expectation from the team against FC Goa?

See the good thing is that we have started our pre-season two months back, so we have one and a half month-long pre-season, till now we have played 13 games. So the team combination is very good and the way we are playing seems like a settled squad. That’s the advantage we have.

And apart from that, we have our fans supporting us, cheering for us. That’s the reason why I think we have a really good chance.FC Goa is a top team but in football, anything can happen. So we are keeping a positive mindset. We know our strengths and we will play according to that. We will try to do our Best.

Winning or losing is a different thing but we will try to portray a good football in the final.

Q. What are your thoughts regarding the success of Mohammedan in recent times and whom will you give credit for that?

All have been a team effort. Any professional clubs nowadays need good money to run. Good infrastructure is a necessity for a club’s success. One of the biggest reasons for the success I think is our coach Andrey Chernyshov, who has been tremendous, who adopted really well in India and he has already been a really good coach with an experience of coaching in seven different countries.

It’s a team effort of all the officials who are supporting Bunkerhill so that we are able to run the team independently. They are supporting us wherever is needed. Dipendu Biswas who possesses immense experience as a footballer is working very closely with Andrey Chernyshov.

Danish Iqbal, who is our general secretory, is also helping a lot. So all the officials of Mohammedan sporting are working as a team and that is the biggest reason I think that helped us to transform in such a short period of time.

Q. What are your observations on Nikola Stojanovich who has become a fan favourite in such a short period of time?

When Coach came he came with his two favourite players and Nikola had already played under him in different parts of the world. So we already had this feeling that Nikola will do well and his understanding with the coach is very good. He also has adjusted with the team in a very short time period. That’s why Nikola is able to perform.

Q. What is your opinion on the young talents from Bengal?

There is no scarcity of talent in Bengal and that’s why MohammedanSporting has always supported these local talents from Bengal. Nobody plays with a local striker if you go to any club in India. That is the biggest challenge in India. Basically, we don’t support our strikers.

That’s why Mohammedan Sporting has inducted a large number of local players into our team and we will keep doing it in the future as well. We will try to create a reserve team by the end of this year and that will mostly comprise players from Bengal.

Q. What are your Plans for the academies of Mohammedan SC?

First of all, we are trying to improve the infrastructure of our tent and ground. We will also try to improve the academy that we already have so that the reserve team will be able to utilize it.

Already we are in talks with different parts of Bengal where we want to expand the Academy. Let the team do good, you will see many smaller academies of Mohammedan sporting club coming out at different parts of Bengal.

Q. Any Message to the football fans all over India?

There is something unique in the fans from Bengal and they support their clubs so well. Their first love is always football. Also, fans from other parts of India have so much passion. So keep supporting the team, keep supporting Bengal football and if they keep supporting like this they will see a lot of good talents coming out from Bengal.

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