“Real Madrid is a dreamland,” says Erling Haaland’s agent

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Erling Haaland’s agent, Rafael Pimienta, told ‘The Sun’ at the Business of Football conference in London that while Haaland enjoys playing for Pep Guardiola at the moment, he may have a greater desire in the future.

“Erling went to City since his family has such a connection with the club,” Pimienta explained. “You’ve seen the images of him as a youngster wearing a City jersey so it’s only logical he would want to experience what his father experienced.

“Of course, he wanted to play for Pep Guardiola. Nevertheless, once we have a player, we create arrangements. Even if the player is under the age of 15. We are charting his professional path.

“When I first started in this industry, if I told a player, ‘I’ll bring you to England,’ the first thing they’d say was, ‘What did I do wrong? ‘What makes you dislike me?’

If I ask a player what his aim is now, he will reply the Premier League. He did not mention City, Chelsea, or Arsenal, but rather the Premier League.

“This is the spot for an agent to be because here is where the athletes want to be. It’s an excellent league. It’s a competitive sport. Every game is a test. Everyone wants to see it. They are eager to be here.” But, there is the Premier League. And then there’s Real Madrid. And Real Madrid has something unique that makes it the players’ Dreamland.

“Madrid maintains the magic. It lacks league competition but does have the Champions League.”

Haaland has indicated a desire to play in Spanish one day, so a move to Real Madrid once his contract with Manchester City expires is a distinct possibility.

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