Thiago Alcantara is a possible Barcelona Target

Thiago Alacantra - Liverpool

According to today’s report by Sport, Barcelona continues their relentless pursuit of Thiago Alcantara, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to reinforcing their squad.

Free Targets are Barcelona’s Targets

Given the delicate financial situation they find themselves in. Barcelona’s reliance on free transfers appears to be a strategy they are likely to pursue even further. Despite Thiago’s occasional injury setbacks, his immense talent shines brightly. Making him a highly sought-after player in the upcoming summer transfer market.

Although the Blaugrana’s desire to secure Joshua Kimmich for their central midfield is an appealing prospect. They acknowledge that it remains somewhat of a distant dream due to their current financial constraints.

Thiago Alcantara from La Masia

Instead, Barcelona has shifted their attention towards nurturing a gem from their own esteemed academy. Someone they regretfully didn’t have the opportunity to witness in action before. Thiago’s tenure at Liverpool has certainly seen flashes of brilliance, yet his progress has been frequently hindered by unfortunate injuries.

Right move?

A move to Camp Nou seems fitting for Thiago, considering the club’s ongoing struggle to keep their entire team fully fit and firing at all times. Furthermore, another name that surfaces as a potential reinforcement in the Sport article is Jorginho, who, despite not experiencing the desired playing time at Arsenal, could prove to be a valuable addition to the Barcelona squad.

Ultimately, Barcelona’s ambition for Thiago Alcantara, coupled with their cautious approach to financial matters, highlights their determination to bolster the team’s prospects for future success.

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