“Absolute mountain of waste”: Man United staff reveal shocking details of Glazers’ mismanagement

Manchester United

ESPN spoke to some Man United staff members who revealed shocking and jaw-dropping details about the Glazers.

This is about how much the Glazers have been mismanaging the club during their reign.

The Glazers’ arrival and their selfish working

Since they arrived in 2005, the Glazers have been deeply unpopular figures within the fanbase. The American family have accusations of filling their pockets at the expense of the club’s progress and development both on and off the pitch.

Under their ownership, Man United have been overtaken by most of their rivals and are just now playing to catchup. However, now there is hope that the Red Devils could be on their way back to the top. This could happen with Sir Jim Ratcliffe closing in on his ratification of partial investment by the Premier League.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s arrival at Old Trafford

After his deal is ratified, Ratcliffe will officially start working at Old Trafford. The signs of what fans can expect under his tenure have already been incredibly positive.

The INEOS billionaire played a crucial part in the appointment of Manchester City’s Omar Berrada as United’s next CEO.

It’s thought that the appointments of a sporting director and head of recruitment are the next move for Ratcliffe’s agenda.

Man United staff members’ claims about the Glazers

Amidst all this, ESPN conducted a deep investigation into what life has been like within United during the Glazers rule. The focus has almost always been on the impact of the Glazers’ negligence on supporters and the team.

One United staff told ESPN about the Glazers, “You wouldn’t mind some of the cost-cutting if it wasn’t for the absolute mountain of waste at the top end of the club.” An issue addressed by the newspaper is the pitiful state of Man United’s iconic home, Old Trafford.

Once claimed as the best stadium in England, the Theatre of Dreams is now a shadow of its former self. ESPN notes that the Glazers have only bothered to spend on upgrading the director’s box with plush seats and newly laid carpets.

It’s believed that as part of cost-cutting measures implemented by the Glazers, MUTV no longer send their commentators to away games. Instead, they’re forced to watch away games from the Old Trafford press box. They have commentate from within an empty stadium while following the proceedings on television.

A United source told ESPN – “It saves MUTV about £40,000 a year in match fees and travel expenses. It’s embarrassing, really. MUTV used to be the envy of all of the big clubs who took years to catch up, but now the moneymen are asking MUTV to watch United play at Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton from a cold and dark Old Trafford press box.”

The Glazers’ mismanagement in the club

“It’s been worse since the pandemic. The Glazers have just used that as an excuse to cut costs, but they have really rinsed [squeezed finances from] the club since then.”

“At the start of last season, matchday hosts were told that their fees had been cut by 50 percent. The money they receive now, for 5-6 hours work, is nowhere near the level it should be and that figure is before tax. Some of the matchday staff also work at Manchester City and they say the difference between the two clubs is staggering. City look after them really well, everyone at the club makes an effort to go the extra mile. At United, it’s just a miserable experience.”

More divulgence from the Man United staff

Another source revealed, “There was one occasion when the club wanted to hire some new cleaners to work in the North Stand. The decision on that went right to Joel Glazer. That speaks to the problem at United. The Glazers really do count the cost of everything. Fair enough, they are running a business, but it is so inefficient to have the co-chairman involved in such low-level hiring and firing decisions.”

Another staff told ESPN that “there are layers and layers of bureaucracy that cause frustrations right across the board”. Mark Ogden also explains – “All [the Glazers] care about is money and social media engagement figures,” – a United source told ESPN. “You’ll have internal meetings with staff trying to get praise for getting so many likes on this or engagements on that.”

However, the Glazers and their companions messed it up. They jumbled a repaint of Old Trafford as recounted by another member of staff.

“They tried to smarten up Old Trafford with a paint job a couple of years ago. But they messed it up. They used the wrong shade of red. When Sir Alex was in charge, he would always insist that United played in a darker shade of red than Liverpool. Nike, kit partners at the time, even designed a specific shade for the team’s kit called ‘Diablo Red’. The paint they used for Old Trafford is Liverpool red — it’s too bright for United.”

However, there is now hope that with Ratcliffe in charge of football operations, radical changes are on the horizon. The British businessman’s involvement means the Glazers will fade away into the background. It’ll be a welcome relief for fans, the team and the United staff.

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