Anfield Reds next season Jersey Gets leaked

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The Anfield Reds Nike home kit for the 2024/25 campaign will feature an all-over YNWA design – and a potential throwback to the 2013/14 title-challenging season.

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Nike‘s designers and producers will be working hard as the year draws to a close. To finalise Liverpool’s 2019–20 season uniforms.

However the third away kit will be white with black, yellow, and red. Therefore the following away kit is expected to be darker with detailing of “forest green” and “washed teal,”

Naturally, the home uniform will be red however details of a design that will be available in the summer of 2019 have been leaked by the trustworthy Footy Headlines and @FumlerRawk:

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The entire jersey is covered in an embroidered YNWA pattern in “chrome yellow,”. The same colour as the LFC and Nike Swooshes.

It is anticipated that the collar will resemble the one with red, yellow, and white accents. That was used in the 2013–14 season.

The colour scheme is the same as what New Balance used in their title-winning 2019–20 campaign, however it has a stronger shade of red than what is currently worn.

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As per @FumlerRawk, the shirt may have white around the sides. Mockups of the possible design were created by graphic designers @R4ulito__ and @lfcdzn11.

Even while the all-over design could cause some controversy. However If the final product looks anything like those prototypes, fans should welcome it with open arms.

Since striking a partnership with Anfield Reds in 2020, Nike has made a big effort to honour the club’s heritage with its jerseys; LeBron James and Nike will soon be working together to incorporate YNWA into the designs as well.

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