Barcelona might sell out their esteemed museum amidst financial woes

Julian Araujo

Barcelona is exploring methods to boost their revenue to increase their salary limit for next season, this could involve implementing additional economic strategies. Despite Barcelona’s objections, La Liga President Javier Tebas remained firm in his stance. He said that the club is on track to exceed their limit by €200m for the upcoming season.

In addition, the league recently introduced new regulations that restrict clubs from increasing their salary limit by more than 5% of the proceeds obtained from the sale of assets.

Reportedly, Joan Laporta and Barcelona are exploring the possibility of selling a portion of their museum. This is estimated to be between 20% and 40%, as a means of increasing their revenue.

How much revenue Barcelona expects to generate if they do sell the museum?

Barcelona’s museum is among the most visited in the world. It receives approximately 1.5 million visitors annually and generating a significant amount of income for the club. Prior to the pandemic, the museum contributed roughly €58m to the club’s revenue in the 2018-2019 season. Hence, Barcelona asserts that it is the most popular sports museum globally. While the specifics of any possible transaction are unknown, selling a portion of the museum could be a substantial asset for Barcelona.

Barcelona are also desperate to offload some of the club’s players in the upcoming transfer window. Dembele or Raphina are likely to move out. Especially the latter after not being able to perform well for the Catalans. However, no one is sure what Barcelona management will decide in the near future. Whatever be the case, it will be interesting to witness.

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