Barcelona to move on to another stadium for renovation of Camp Nou

Julian Araujo

According to Spanish media reports on Wednesday, Barcelona is going to suffer a loss of €55 million ($60.7 million)in matchday revenue. Due to their move to the smaller Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium in Montjuic during the renovation work at Camp Nou.

The relocation plans for Barcelona were shared by Vice President Elena Fort. The move is to take place from the start of next season until November 2024. As the renovation work is in schedule to begin at the end of June. The Spanish club will play their home matches in a different stadium until November 2024.

What is Barcelona planning to do with Camp Nou?

Fort mentioned that Barcelona can utilize 49,472 seats for commercial purposes at Lluis Companys Olympic Stadium. This stadium has a total capacity of 54,367 seats.

Fort added that they have to secure the required €1.45 billion financing for the Espai Barca project. Barcelona meanwhile reached an agreement with 20 investors. The payment will be made progressively over 5, 7, 9, 20, and 24 years with different installments. Additionally, the project aims to increase the capacity of the stadium to 105,053.

There will be minimum disruption for Barcelona in playing at the ground during the 2022-23 season. But, they won’t be able to play there during the 2023-24 season due to the ongoing renovation work.

The plan to upgrade Camp Nou was there back in 2014. After experiencing several delays, the project is now ready to proceed with the improvements.

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