Chelsea is ready to Splash money for Estevão Willian

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According to Mundo Deportivo four days ago, Chelsea is prepare to fulfil Estevão Willian €60 million release clause.


The young player from Palmeiras is feature on the front page of Mundo Deportivo today. Where it is say that he has had offers from other teams, including the Blues.

According to the report, Chelsea is among the clubs exerting the greatest amount of pressure. On the Brazilian club to sign Estevão Willian.

In response, Palmeiras is applying pressure to the 16-year-old and his representative André Cury. To consider the offers he has been present with and quickly reach a decision.

Although the Brazil U17 international won’t be able to go to Europe until April 2025. When he becomes 18, Palmeiras is eager to get the transfer done. Estevão is holding off on making a choice so he may accomplish his ambition of playing for Barcelona.

Estevão Willian Discussion

Next week, Curry will be in Spain for Vitor Roque’s presentation. He will use the opportunity to discuss Estevão with Deco, the sports director, and Joan Laporta, the president of Barcelona.
The financial status of the La Liga team is know to both the player and the representation. They are prepare to assist them and coerce Palmeiras into accepting a formula that would enable Barca to complete the transaction.

According to Mundo, Chelsea and PSG are prepare to make a €61 million bid, even going so far as to pay ‘all in cash’. Palmeiras would be OK with this, but PSG or the Premier League team would need to persuade Estevão and Curry to finalise the transfer.

Estevão Willian is pursue by Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, PSG, and Barcelona and Manchester City.

After Curry’s meeting with Barcelona next week, more developments may be anticipated.

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