Fede Valverde to face legal actions following his feud against Alex Baena

Up to six Real Madrid

Fede Valverde is currently awaiting the verdict on his punishment for punching Alex Baena during a recent match. As the legal process takes its course. In addition to this, the Real Madrid midfielder may also have to check how his own club intends to handle the incident.

Although Villarreal have not reported the incident to La Liga, Alex Baena is pressing charges through the police. Thus, leaving several options for sanction on the table, including a suspension of up to six months. However, the most probable outcome is that Fede Valverde will receive a fine.

What actions will Fede Valverde face?

According to Cadena SER, after the police matter is resolved, the Anti-Violence Committee is expecting to review the case. And then pass it on to the disciplinary committee for the competition. The committee is likely to impose a two to four-game ban on Valverde.

Real Madrid will wait until all the legal and league procedures related to Fede Valverde’s incident with Alex Baena are completed. Before imposing their own punishment for violating the club’s code of conduct. Valverde gave an indication that he will accept the punishment without any objection.

While it is still unclear what the exact punishment for Fede Valverde will be, it is unlikely to have serious consequences for Real Madrid. Even if Valverde is in suspension for a few games, it will not have a major impact on the club’s performance. Given their focus on the Copa del Rey and Champions League competitions. Nonetheless, Real Madrid will wait until all league and legal processes have been in completion. Before deciding on their own disciplinary action against Valverde.

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