FIFA warned of legal action over Club World Cup alteration, causing Manchester City heartbreak

Manchester City

Manchester City emerged victorious in the 2023 Club World Cup, but their hopes of defending the title face uncertainty due to a significant change in the tournament’s format. Previously held annually, the Club World Cup will now transition to a 32-team setup, occurring every four years starting from June 2025.


The inaugural edition will feature a blend of top European, South American, and other continental clubs. The composition will include 12 European clubs, comprising four UEFA Champions League winners from the 2020/21 to 2023/24 seasons, along with eight additional teams determined by club ranking over the same period.

Furthermore, six South American clubs will participate, encompassing four Copa Libertadores champions from 2021 to 2024, plus two additional teams. The tournament roster will also include four clubs each from the CONCACAF, AFC, and CAF Champions League winners between 2021 and 2024.

The highest-ranked club from the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) winners between 2021-2024 will secure a spot in the event. Despite Manchester City and their desire to defend their championship, their aspirations could face a setback.

David Terrier, vice president of the French footballers’ union, expressed concerns over FIFA’s decision to expand the tournament. He asked for potential legal action to address football’s congested calendar. Terrier criticized FIFA’s motives, attributing the changes to a pursuit of financial gain.

Terrier underscored the imperative to halt FIFA’s perceived disregard for player welfare and the sport’s integrity. Additionally, he highlighted the increasing toll of injuries and fatigue on players, urging stakeholders to take decisive rectification measures.

The vice president of UNFP highlighted the imbalance in addressing calendar disruptions, urging greater solidarity among players, clubs, and leagues. Terrier emphasized how fixture congestion undermines competition and viewer enjoyment, urging collective action to preserve the sport’s future. He called for stakeholders to prioritize safeguarding football’s integrity.

Amidst FIFA’s overhaul of the tournament format, Manchester City and their quest to defend their Club World Cup title faces uncertainty. Consequently, the contentious changes have sparked concerns regarding the welfare of players and the integrity of the sport.

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