Florentino Perez to attend El Clasico

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Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid is expected to be back in the Director’s Box in Barcelona. Florentino did not attend last season’s El Clasico at Camp Nou since he became the President at Real Madrid. The reason is due to the relations strained between both the clubs.

After the news of Barcelona’s bribery case for payments made to former Vice-President of the Referees Committee Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. Joan Laporta accused Real Madrid of being ‘Franco’s team’ – as the team favoured by former dictator Francisco Franco.

After that incident, Real Madrid released a 4-minute video saying that Barcelona favoured by the dictator. whose troops once murdered the President of Barcelona, Josep Sunyol. Due to this, relations broke down between both the clubs. Last season when Madrid played with Barcelona, Florentino Perez decided not to attend the director’s lunch nor the game. Real Madrid ended winning their semi-final second leg of the Copa del Rey 4-0.

Reports suggest that Florentino Perez is planning on being at the El Clasico on Saturday. Infact Barcelona President Joan Laporta was embracing Real Madrid General Director Jose Angel Sanchez on Monday during the La Liga assembly. It looked as if tensions have eased in recent months. Despite Laporta accusing the authorities of a sociological Madridismo, claiming that support for Real Madrid coloured their decisions.

Barcelona plays Real Madrid on 29th October at the Camp Nou. Both clubs played each other at a friendly where Barcelona beat Madrid 3-0.

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